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PathoProof™ Mastitis PCR Assay

Revolutionary new test for identification of all main mastitis bacteria from bovine milk in just 4 hours. Two reagent kits are available: PathoProof™ Mastitis Complete-12 Kit for identifying the main mastitis-causing bacteria and PathoProof Mastitis Major-3 Kit for identifying the three highly contagious mastitis-causing bacteria.


From sample to results in 4 hours
New technology eliminates the need for time-consuming bacterial culturing.
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Unparallelled sensitivity and specificity
The test identifies all main mastitis causing bacterial species.
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Applicable to various milk samples
Covenient test for quarter, DHI and bulk tank milk samples. The assay can also be used with preserved milk.
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A dramatic change for the milk testing industry
Time-savings and convenience are the key benefits for laboratories and dairy producers.
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Video: PathoProof Mastitis PCR Assay

Watch the route from sample to results

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